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Committed to the sustainability of the environment

The life cycle of aluminum is sustainable from start to finish.

Sustainability is defined as the characteristic according to which the needs of the population can be met without compromising the capacity of other generations or populations. This implies that the conservation of the environment, involved with human activity. In sustainable development the environmental and social vectors converge, together with a balanced economic vector with the consequence of the objective.

Aluminum seeks sustainability by aspects such as:

  • Its abundance, which makes it a renewable and efficient resource from the ecological point of view.
  • Its 100% use and recyclability
  • Its efficient use: 45% of the aluminum recently produced in Europe was recycled
  • Its recovery rate, close to 95% under construction.
  • Energy saving in its recycling and production process.
  • It's harmlessness

Therefore, one of the most important objectives of the European aluminum industry is the continuous enhancement of its environmental performance in all phases of its cycle, from production, to use and recycling.

We are committed to the Environment. Complying with all the regulations established by the regulatory bodies in all manufacturing processes and completion of our product.

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